Feel the Super Dry

2015年6月11日,ASAHI x HIFANA “一杯超爽, 征服五感”活动在上海Arkham club引爆。由Asahi与其创意代理Great Works China联袂推出“ASAHI朝日超爽之夜”。以先锋理念、多元音乐和实验性科技,赋予啤酒前所未有的五感体验。

Jun 11th, 2015, Arkham Club, Great Works China brought ASAHI & HIFANA together to put on a phenomenal show called “FEEL THE SUPER DRY”. With art, music and technology, we were able to bring a “5 senses” experience of beer to all the customers in one night.


21:00, 1500 people crowded at the pub to take an extraordinary journey with “seeing, tasting, smelling, touching & listening” interactive installations, all of which brings out one single aspect of ASAHI draft beer’s freshness. Take a sip of ASAHI draft beer and put on our VR glasses, you can jump into the sea of Asahi beer.

时间将近零点,台上暖场嘉宾DMC大赛冠军DJ monk正在退场,大屏出现Hifana字幕,舞池中人群高举Asahi啤酒欢呼,一切预示着今晚的音浪至高点即将到来!DJ、电子、人声,三味线、祭典伴奏,多元音乐融合啤酒视听元素,声、光、电一触即发。

When midnight clock ticks, DMC championship winner DJ monk waved to all the audience and welcomes the biggest hit of that night – HIFANA. Everyone raises the glass in their hands, dancing to the original music that HIFANA created, mixing electronic, human voice, Japanese Shamisen.

Photos supported by Smart Shanghai


Innovaters, artists, musicians, they all came with “ASAHI SUPER DRY” just to prove that a truly extraordinary beer can conquer all your 5 senses. With one glass of Asahi beer, every night can be extradinary!


Hifana is a music group from Japan. they are notable for using a variety of devices and instruments, both in the studio, and during their live performances which they play without pre-recordings. They have collaborated with NIKE and many global brands.

Hifana是来自日本W+K Tokyo Lab 音乐厂牌旗下的一只组合, 由Keizo Machine和Juicy两位日本Dj组成, 音乐风格大多由电子乐配合人声再加入传统的乐器, 如三味弦, 祭典伴奏等混合而成。他们曾与NIKE等国际知名品牌进行跨界创意合作。

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